Godly Play

Godly Play for children age 3 to 10 is located in the west wing of our main building. The Godly Play classroom is found in the Green Angel Room. September through May, classes meet during the first 35 minutes of the 10:30 AM service. Staffed by teams of nurturing Storytellers and Doorkeepers, Godly Play offers growing hearts and minds weekly guidance as they learn to know and trust God using a Montessori-based curriculum. Kids are drawn into sacred stories through imaginative storytelling, and engaged in thoughtful conversation about connections with their lives. Children are invited to respond to stories in their own way. After worship, a colorful Big Toy on the lawn makes a highly popular play spot.

In the summer months, June through August, we celebrate Solstice Sundays, geared to helping families to access the sacred essentials of worship at 10:00 AM, and then move out into the great outdoors to celebrate and savor God’s creation. Kids encounter Godly Play during the first 35 minutes of the service.

For the peace of mind of parents, the backgrounds of all Storytellers and Doorkeepers, no matter how loved and trusted they are in the parish, are screened prior to working with our children. See our complete Safe Church policy.