2024 Giving Campaign

Dear friends in Christ,

Two years ago, the vestry and other leaders and I set out to work on ways for people to grow in faith, not so much by the number of members or a measure of dollars, but by the depth and commitment of those present and those who come. Many things help us grow in faith and lead us to greater spiritual depth, and we have heard your responses to being part of a Sacred Ground group, a Deep Roots group, or another ministry group. Some are surprised to discover new depth and strengths in themselves and are thankful for such rootedness in God through this community. We have new members alongside 30-year members, couples, singles, young ones, and seniors! Even the names of these small group encounters speak to that urging within us; to honor the sacred ground on which we live and to choose to nourish deep roots in God’s good earth.

Our faith has been enriched by our interns-now-seminarians Kelly Moody and Elizabeth Holland, by our Lay Preacher Tola Marts, and by being able to celebrate together in ways both new and long-loved. Last year Godly Play was offered twice a month, but it is now offered every week as you had asked for it to be. We have also just called Irene Pak as our new Youth Group Minister.

Why does this matter right now? Because, like a tree with good roots, how deeply and well-grounded we are in God determines our ability to live through the storms and droughts, high-points and pandemics, the losses we grieve and the joys we celebrate. Through all of this we grow as the beloved community of the living Christ.

It also matters at this time because we are now designing the budget and calendar for the year ahead, and we build it with faith, by listening for God’s call to us, and out of our deepening strength and growing enthusiasm. Over the next three Sundays at St. Michael’s you will hear people’s stories: When has the Spirit’s presence surprised me this season, this year? Why now? What would I like to enter into? How might things change as my faith life grows deeper?

Listen to these stories, answer these questions for yourselves, and pray. Consider the love and trust you have at St. Michael’s. Talk to me or to a vestry person or staff person if you have questions or want to venture into a new ministry. Then bring or send your pledge card in, or pledge online as soon as you can! *No waiting. Because we seek to operate with a balanced budget and need time to allocate our resources wisely, it would be helpful if you could make your pledge by Sunday, November 12, when we will bless and offer to God these faithful and generous pledges.

In peace, Katherine+

Now as you excel in everything—in faith, in speech, in knowledge, in utmost eagerness,
and in our love for you—so we want you to excel also in this generous undertaking.
2 Corinthians 8:7