My Saint Michael’s Story: Anita & Joe Donahou

Posted by on Sun, Oct 31, 2021 in Giving

As you probably know by now, we were asked to speak on two topics:

How does St. Michael’s express care, concern, and love for you?
How have you done it for others?

The first question is easy to answer, though long. The second questions is harder to answer, because it seems self-aggrandizing. I’m going to attempt to answer that one first, actually, and finish with St. Michael’s love for us.

Joe and I have been attending St. Michaels for almost 20 years. During that time, we’ve worn many hats here: Joe designed the space you are sitting in, and the addition. I’ve been in the choir. We’ve both served on the vestry more than once, and we’ve both been Senior Warden. We’ve attended far too many work parties to name. We’ve taught the teens, been on mission trips, did Rake and Runs (remember those?). We’ve hosted fellowship events and helped run capital campaigns. I’ve worked in the office and helped develop the livestream process with Jason. Joe has cleaned out the gunky parking lot drains. We’ve attending Diocesan Convention. We’ve put up décor, and we’ve taken it back down, year after year, season after season. I think you get the idea – we’ve been involved. We love St. Michael’s, there is no place quite like it.

During those 20 years, St. Michael’s has shown love for us in so many ways. Care at the death of a parent, laughter during choir rehearsals (and sometimes during services, but don’t tell Katherine+), a hug when things aren’t going well, a high-five when they are, a care package for our college kids, gifts of food when life throws us a curve ball. We are so grateful for all the many ways love has been shown, and it may seem greedy, but I want to ask for that to continue. As many of you know, we will be moving to St. Louis early next year to be closer to the grandchildren. We are both excited and broken hearted. Two weeks ago, Brad talked about the connection to people who have moved away, and I hope that our connection here will never truly break. So we challenge you, we beg you: get involved! Keep this place vital and growing, keep giving hugs and high fives. Definitely keep the livestream going so we can worship with you! And yes, GIVE: give of your time, talent, and treasure. Attend work parties, host a coffee hour when the time comes, take a term on the vestry. Say no when you need to, because keeping yourself healthy and strong is another way to show love, and say yes as often as you can. I promise you, it’s worth it. You will get back 100 fold what you’ve put in. I know that’s a bit of trite phrase, but it is so very true.

We aren’t saying goodbye yet, but something tells me the next few months are going to fly by. We get to hang advent décor, green the church, sing the Messiah, and attend one last All Parish meeting before we go. Know that we will always keep St. Michaels dear to our hearts. And yes, we will visit, we promise, and often! We love and care for you, and we thank you for loving and caring for us.