My Saint Michael’s Story: Georgie Allen

Posted by on Sun, Oct 24, 2021 in Giving

Six years ago, soon after my husband, John (known as Fr. John), retired as the Rector at St. John’s, Olympia, we relocated to Issaquah.  At the time, we planned to return to what we referred to as our “home church”.  After our first week of unpacking boxes and putting things away, we decided to go around the block to St. Michael’s instead of our “home church.”  Well, here it is, six years later, and although John is no longer with us, I am still here.  This is my “home church.”

During these years, the community of St. Michael’s has been a source of love, support, comfort and spiritual growth for me, and I will be forever grateful for that, not only when John was still able to come to church, but since his death. Your gentle nature was a constant source of comfort. This is a community that cares about each other, about the church, the music, and, those less fortunate in the Issaquah community. 

During the past almost two years of pandemic, this community has come together in new ways. Who would have thought that our only contact with Sunday Eucharist would be through Zoom or Facebook Live, and without the bread and wine; or the Wednesday evening Contemplative service? Members of this parish learned how to set up and operate the technical equipment to allow everyone to tune in on Sundays for services. Buddy Groups were formed.  Parishioners checked in with each other.  The work of the people of God goes on no matter what happens.

Giving is part of what we do as God’s people. St. Michael’s gives so much to all of us, through worship and music (thanks to Katherine, Jason and Kelly), pastoral care and many other programs. Giving back (or passing it forward) is one way we can help to keep St. Michael’s a vibrant parish. Whether it be baking bread, taking care of the Altar, tending the landscaping, serving as a lector, singing in the choir, and, making sure that technology allows those who cannot attend church in person to attend at home; and, finally, making a financial commitment to St. Michael’s.  Without that financial commitment, there would be no Katherine and no Jason; there would be no funds to purchase the supplies needed for the Altar, the office, the care of the landscaping and so much more. 

And, yes, this is the time of the year when we whisper those words… stewardship, giving… or as Fr. John and many of his clergy friends used to say…. the beg-a-thon.

Thank you for reading. Peace and many blessings.