My Saint Michael’s Story: Melanie Audette

Posted by on Sun, Nov 1, 2020 in Giving

I’m Melanie Audette and this is my St. Michael’s story.

Think for a moment of the person who first taught you to pray. For me, this was my Grandma Pat. And it was Mrs. Finnegan, a neighbor, who confirmed my faith – oddly through a little service on her living room floor after a Bible study. Who was that person for you?

When I returned to Seattle after 12 years away, I did not find a church home. It was always something: Unpacking the moving boxes; a ski trip or football game; or…the worst excuse ever…catching up on the laundry. But there was a hole, a gap and a longing that I felt.

There also, luckily, was a little blue sign on the side of the road by my daughter’s high school. It said, The Episcopal Church Welcomes You, with an arrow. Have you seen that sign? They’re all over the country. But this one finally called my name.

It took me ages to cross the threshold of St. Michael’s church. I don’t know why. But one day, I decided to make that little dogleg turn – a left and a right – into the St. Mike’s parking lot – beautifully paved, by the way. And from the first day, I was welcomed warmly, by Teri, and Stephanie and others. And not just the first day, but every day since.

And when I was overtaken with tears one day by the beauty of the choir music, Carla Denise came up to comfort me as I sat by myself to recover. I will never forget that, or that music, thank you. You ALL have become my Mrs. Finnegan, confirming my faith during these times. And my story has become OUR story.

The threshold of St. Michael’s is virtual now. But the silver lining is that we have been able to meet fellow parishioners we’ve not gotten to know before. That’s because of our random breakout rooms, thank you Jason, in Zoom for our coffee hour. And Mid-day prayer on Tuesday and Thursday? That has kept me sane and connected.

If there’s a way that I can become someone else’s Grandma Pat or Mrs. Finnegan, that will complete the circle. And you all are my inspiration. I am grateful for you, and St. Michael’s and look forward to continuing this journey of faith together.