My Saint Michael’s Story: Michele Adams

Posted by on Sun, Oct 25, 2020 in Giving

My husband, Ben and I are pretty new to the St. Michael’s community.

I had been seeking a new spiritual home for a couple of years, and I believe, it is divinely inspired how my husband and I found St. Michael’s.

While walking on the beach in Seaside, OR, on a family get-way, I was talking with our daughter Claire about the type of church community I was hoping to find: One that accepted all people I do believe we are called to be the hands and feet of Jesus, and our actions matter how we care for one another. I was curious about the Episcopal faith, as It seemed very similar to our Catholic traditions, but with some very distinct differences.

I found St. Michael’s from a Google Search. I enjoyed reading about the various programs the community was involved in, the underserved populations, and at the same time the description of a Mardi Gras Pancake feed sounded really fun and unique. When I read the welcome statement printed on the website, It spoke to my heart in a very profound way. In fact, I printed it out and placed it on my desk. I read and reflected on it often through the next couple of months.

It begins with: “Love is expansive, inclusive and knows no bounds” Wow! That is what I believe too! I wondered what that looked like “in-person”. It was several months after that when my work schedule allowed us to come to the first service. I was so nervous walking into the building not knowing anyone, but we were greeted so warmly, by several people right away. Service was lovely, and while talking with Mother Katherine afterward, I felt like I arrived home.

I do feel God’s hand in finding St. Michaels last November. I mean, who would have known back in November how much our daily lives were about to change, due to the Covid Pandemic. The long work hours, and the concern for the health of my family and people at risk in the community has been overwhelming at times. I continually remind myself that “We are all doing the best in this moment”, as we serve one another in our work and our community.

I am so grateful for St. Michael’s determination to keep the community connected through Zoom church services, and coffee hour. Being part of a Buddy Group has kept me feeling hopeful, as we encourage each other during this time of communal stress experienced so individually, and without judgment.

I find St. Michaels a warm welcoming refuge of hope and connection. I look forward to being involved in serving, and meeting more of you during coffee hour and some day in-person again!