The people of St. Michael’s serve God in many different ways. As we gather for worship and companionship each Sunday—and often during the week as well—core convictions and values grow stronger, energizing us to serve. Then as we pursue our daily lives at home, at school and at work, we recognize that our personal choices help the world to become more, or less, of the place God intends it to be.

Most parishioners play an active role in making St. Michael’s a vibrant place that recharges souls. At the start of the program year in the fall, we each inventory the ways we will be Giving Time to God throughout the year. By far the most active area is worship, where each Sunday approximately one hundred parishioners participate as either acolytes, altar servers, choristers, lectors, greeters, Godly Play leaders, nursery caregivers, coffee hosts, and more.

Children and Youth ministries form another active area, with 60 children and youth enrolled in programs for ages nursery through high school. Nursery caregivers, Godly Play leaders, and our Youth Missioner sustain these many lively opportunities. Learn more.

Other parishioners give time to God by hosting gatherings and welcoming newcomers; most everyone takes a turn preparing the coffee hours following both services. Learn more.

Our members are also quite active in collecting staples for the Issaquah Food Bank, sponsoring parish and public events to benefit charities, and providing hot meals for local feeding programs. Learn more.

A little less visible but equally significant, parishioners sustain a faithful prayer chain that supports individuals going through tough times; they also publish the church newsletter, directory, and web site; organize seasonal spiritual growth events; manage the parish finances; and tend the buildings and grounds.