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Mother Katherine’s sermon preached Feb. 28, 2021

Posted by on Sun, Feb 28, 2021 in Lent, Sermons

We’ve marveled at how less pollution means seeing a spectacular mountain that a whole generation nearby has only heard of. We are breathless at the clarity of the night sky, brighter for less pollution and a less ambient city light around us as we look up. Simply the joy of going outside takes on new importance and the antics of our pets are seen with new eyes. “Layers removed.” This is what is pointed out by the former Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams in his latest book, Candles in the Dark, Faith, hope and love in a time of pandemic (SPCK, London, 2021).

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Mother Katherine’s sermon preached Feb. 21, 2021

Posted by on Sun, Feb 21, 2021 in Lent, Sermons

Lent has begun, starting with Ash Wednesday and continuing on for forty days (minus Sabbath days) until Easter. Our gospel today speaks of Jesus’ forty days in the wilderness, and we feel invited along with him. Over these Lenten Sundays we notice Jesus sounds different, or rather our gospel readings do — there are no healing scenes, no miracles, no calling of disciples, and we will not hear of him drinking or eating a meal until the Passion reading on Palm Sunday when first he is betrayed at the table and then offers bread and wine to the disciples as his body and blood.

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Mother Katherine’s sermon preached on Ash Wednesday, Feb. 17, 2021

Posted by on Wed, Feb 17, 2021 in Lent, Sermons

Few years have laid death in our collective paths so much as this year has. Whether or not someone close to you has struggled to recover from covid-19 or has died from it, we’ve all had to think about that possibility, we’ve been asked to pray for someone who is. A couple weeks ago my friend Marie surprised me saying she didn’t plan to get the vaccine because of possible side effects and how quickly the vaccines came out.

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Mother Katherine’s sermon preached Feb. 7, 2021

Posted by on Sun, Feb 7, 2021 in Epiphany, Sermons

Konstantin Stanislavski once said, “there are no small parts, only small actors.” To which Dabbs Greer, known as ‘a bit actor’ but who managed to do that ‘bit’ in some 700 supportive appearances, added that “Every character actor, in their own little sphere, is the lead.” Today we have met Simon Peter’s mother in law, who is in such a small role that we have no name for her and we know very little about her.

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Mother Katherine’s sermon preached Jan. 31, 2021

Posted by on Sun, Jan 31, 2021 in Epiphany, Sermons

We are still in the first chapter of the gospel according to Mark. Jesus has been foretold, baptized, and tempted. He’s briefly reiterated what John foretold, and as we heard last Sunday he’s called some disciples. In Marks telling of the gospel there’s no action or ministry to others yet — until now. In today’s reading he goes into the synagogue and teaches more publicly, surprising them. This is a significant act.

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