Feast Days

Feb. 3, 2019 – sermon

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The Presentation of Our Lord Jesus Christ in the Temple: Candlemas February 3, 2019 Celebrated since the 4th century, the church has called this at times the Purification of Saint Mary the Virgin, The Presentation of Christ in the Temple, and Candlemas Day. It seems a familiar rite that parents bring their new baby to the place of worship for special blessing, as we hear in today’s gospel, and it might recall for us infant baptism more than ancient biblical teaching. We need to remember though that it was tied up in a ritual of powerful transformation though, when women who had given birth...

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Nov. 4, 2018 – All Saints’ Sunday – sermon

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Icons of All Saints show Jesus surrounded by many saints, similarly our celebration of All Saints today, including today’s baptisms, depicts the heart of what a saint is. Christ is at our center too, represented in our altar, our cross and our gathering. Today the ‘altar cloth’ made up of all those saints whom we love and see no longer, and like in our gospel, some of us are still dressed metaphorically in mourners’ clothes, and yet that altar is alongside a font in which the newest among us will be baptized. In the icon, all of the saints are arrayed around Christ with countless dimensions of brilliance, color, individuality and symbols of their faithfulness, and they reflect the luminosity of Christ like those we have named on the All Saints ribbons! They are lives through which we can see God from a multitude of different perspectives. Keep that image of the icon in mind this morning, remembering that Christian icons are always a path for entering into relationship with the Triune God. Like Jesus’ life-affirming action at Lazarus’ tomb that day, they are an instrument through which God becomes accessible to humanity, and the same is true of baptism.

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Photo album: St. Michael’s Day Celebration & Parking Lot Blessing

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Selected photos of the Saint Michael’s Day Celebration and Parking Lot Blessing held on Sunday, September 30, 2018 at 10:00 AM 

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Sep. 30, 2018 – Feast of Saint Michael & All Angels – sermon

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What a great day! We bless our new parking lot, (and soon our Rain Garden!), we celebrate our patronal feast day of Saint Michael and All Angels, and we launch our 2019 Giving Campaign. We are St. Michael and All Angels, and today we put all of this in a scriptural context; first that of the Archangel Michael, who with the company of angels fought the dragon, the devil, who was called “the deceiver of the world,” and defeated him, triumphing by the “authority of his Messiah.” We see this day in light of the heritage of Jacob’s dream in Genesis, angels ascending and descending on the ladder between heaven and earth. Whereby God stood beside Jacob giving him and his offspring that land, saying how numerous they would be, and that even when they went away God would bring them back and would not leave until God’s promises were fulfilled. Our context also includes Nathanael, called to be a disciple, and when Jesus names the goodness within him, he asks “Where did you get to know me?” And he is in awe of Jesus, who promises they would see “heaven opened and the angels of God ascending and descending upon the Son of Man.”

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Apr. 1, 2018 – Easter Day – sermon

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The Sunday of the Resurrection: Easter Day April 1, 2018 “I have seen the Lord!” She said. The first to speak the good news of the resurrection did not tell us she’d seen the empty tomb, though that troubled her enough to tell about it not once, but three times. She did not tell us he was gone from it. She did not say Peter and the other disciple were with her and could back up her story, because they’d looked and then returned home. She said “I have seen the Lord!” Personal witness, personal experience, she told the undeniable truth seen with her own eyes, and the world has never been the...

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Feb. 4, 2018 – sermon

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Today we celebrate the feast of Candlemas which honors Jesus being presented in the temple by Joseph and Mary, according to Jewish tradition. Aged Simeon and the Prophet Anna who had long awaited his coming, and are prophet and witness to the fulfillment of God’s promise revealed in the one we call the light of the world.  We first gathered at the entrance with an icon of the ‘Presentation of Jesus in the Temple,’ with candles to symbolize the light of Christ entering, and amidst ‘Candlemas Bells’ (also called snowdrops) which are a sign of purity and life breaking through the ‘death’ of winter. They are often the first blooms to come up as snow begins to melt and there is much lovely folklore about them you can look up or ask me about later. Widely celebrated in England, Candlemas is the first day one is allowed to bring the ‘Candlemas Bells’ indoors, first bringing them to the altar for the feast day to recall the promise of greater light to come, and only after that may they be brought into people’s homes. It falls midway between the winter solstice and the spring equinox; just when we are wearied by the long winter nights and rainy days, we see the hint of lengthening days and the growing light in the world.

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