My St. Michael’s Story: Tina Blondino

Posted by on Sun, Sep 16, 2018 in Giving

I read an author who said he wasn’t sure he could say that he was a Christian–but he was comfortable saying he was a “becoming-Christian”–and that’s true for me too.

My life has been an amazing series of joys and tragedies–and through those experiences I have come to learn more about myself, God, and my ability to trust God’s love. St. Michael’s has been a key and vibrant part of my growth in faith.

The weekly Sunday liturgy is a continual joy. The Sunday Eucharist and the steady and familiar march through the church’s seasons seems both enriching and uniquely fresh.

So often a word or phrase from the scripture reading, the psalm, a hymn, the prayers or Katherine’s sermon will burst with meaning and seem directed straight to me and the particular challenges that I am facing at that time in my life. It’s happened so often that I’ve come to expect and welcome the miracle.

And as I have become more regular in my attendance I have discovered a sense of the rhythm of my week that I hadn’t experienced before. I have a sense of steadiness, of my days being part of a coordinated and syncretized whole–something larger than myself. The pieces of my life seem to fit together in a meaningful way.

And the being together!

Yes, I have times of private prayer and reflection during the week–but it’s so important to me to be able to be together regularly as a part of this faith community.

Jesus spoke profoundly when he said,” Whenever 2 or 3 are gathered together in my name, I will be with you.” Here at St. Michael’s there is a sense of community, of prayer and caring. We’re not all alike – Oh no! – but we fit together, and we support one another.

I have a very clear memory from when I was quite little – a concern about God. I remember being disturbed when I was told that God is everywhere. My small self thought that seemed intrusive – and a little bit rude!

Now I still don’t know if God is everywhere–but I do know God is here–at St. Michael’s!


—Tina Blondino