My St. Michael’s Story: Lori Birrell

Posted by on Sun, Sep 16, 2018 in Giving

Doug and I have attended St. Michael’s for 26 years. Some of you have been coming longer.

What keeps us at St. Michael’s?

Every Sunday we get together in this beautiful church with friends who are fellow Episcopalians. We are educated every Sunday by our outstanding priest, Rev. Katherine, teaching us through lessons and gospel readings of how these stories are still relevant today and how they impact our lives. We are fed every Sunday, not only through communion but our great coffee hour.

We get many choices of how we want to participate in the various programs offered at St. Michael’s, and how we want to give back to the community by participating in outreach programs: Lunch for the Break, Mayor’s Month of Caring. Sing Along Messiah benefiting Issaquah Community Services and supporting the kids on their mission trips.

I come to St. Michael’s because this is my home away from home. I am rejuvenated each week and what to go forth and serve the Lord by doing better.

Fr. Barry Winn, interim priest, was here when we joined. He loved the gardens and encouraged us to work and beautify the area. He said the first impression of newcomers is what they see when they drive up. A well cared for church is representative of its members.

It is not by luck that we have this beautiful church and soon-to-be-beautiful parking lot and garden. It is by the Grace of God and the generous, compassionate people of St. Michel’s – past and present.

We must make sure we continue our steadfast support, through giving time and talent and stand together and do what is needed for the current and future generations of St. Michael’s.

Doug and I plan to be here a long time.

—Lori Birrell