My Saint Michael’s Story: Dan DeLucca

Posted by on Sun, Oct 28, 2018 in Giving

My name is Dan DeLucca and I’m originally from the Philadelphia area. I was raised Roman Catholic in a faith that was dutiful, clinical, and not very emotional. I was never able to make a connection with the faith of my youth. I never lost faith in God but I did lose faith in organized religion.

Many years later and after being the beneficiary of several miracles, I felt the need to re-connect with God through religion. The reasons why I couldn’t connect with the denomination of my youth were still present so I tried the Episcopal Church and, in particular, St. Michael’s in Issaquah.

My first visit to St. Michael’s was on Easter Sunday 2013. I enjoyed the Easter service but the reason why I returned to St. Michael’s the following Sunday was because of the connection I made with Marilyn Taylor. She was a greeter on that Easter Sunday.

My connection with Marilyn is very special and will last our lifetime. She introduced me to the St. Michael’s family including Mother Katherine, Mike and Priscilla Kaufmann, Susan Cutrona, Bob Toomey, Chuck Blondino and Don and Kathie Wilbert. I soon joined the Saturday morning Coffee and Conversation group. Don frequently told us that “everything matters because everyone is connected.” I believe it is in those connections where we rediscover our humanity and find evidence of the divine.

There is a line spoken in the service right before communion which says, “Know this is the Lord’s Table, and all are welcome.” I would like to expand that by saying, “know this is the Lord’s church and all are welcome with open arms and caring hearts, where you can make lifelong connections, where we live by the commandment – ‘Love thy neighbor – no exceptions!’”