My Saint Michael’s Story: Dan Scarborough

Posted by on Sun, Sep 22, 2019 in Giving

When initially asked if I could make some short remarks about the role and importance of St. Michael’s to me, I immediately thought of 3 topics: Faith, Fellowship, and “Contributions”

Faith – this of course is the bedrock of why we are here.  Over 25 years, Nancy & I have found that our faith is strengthened by many factors at every service:

  • Beautiful Liturgy with a “flow” and poetry
  • Scripture-based, with powerful Lessons, Psalms, and Gospels
  • Clear sermons that not only explain the scriptures but show how each of us can carry out the charge we are given. I have never reached the mark set by the scripture and sermons, but they are the impetus to keep trying.
  • The worship sequence then of course leads to Communion as we directly re-commit ourselves and ask for God’s continuing support.

Each part is wondrous, but the combination is inspiring.

Fellowship – I see this not only in social or informal events but in an attitude of shared commitment.  For example:

  • Multiple parishioners enthusiastically welcome newcomers, teach our young, provide beautiful music, and serve very delicious goodies.
  • After the service, listen to the conversations – I am continually struck by the enthusiasm and the commitment to each other and to St. Michael’s.
  • Another example: Prayer Chain is always available to provide support and comfort. Unfortunately, I very recently was the focus of Prayer Chain support.  This was a great comfort for me.
  • A final example of fellowship is the support to complete our new Parking Lot. This was a huge task, but the entire congregation did it!

Contributions – I’m thinking of our actions to support many worthwhile efforts and groups, often outside these walls.  For example, we encourage and support: the Last Wives’ Club, Issaquah Meals, Lunch for the Break, the Issaquah Philharmonic, the Youth Summer Camp Resurreccion, and Spirituality and Mental Health, to name just a few.  St. Michael’s is clearly committed to helping all it can!

In summary, I hope these comments make sense and convey Nancy’s and my pleasure and gratitude to be a part of St. Michael’s.  Thank you.