My Saint Michael’s Story: Anita Donahou

Posted by on Sun, Oct 27, 2019 in Giving

I am a cradle, “always have been, always will be” Episcopalian. Historically, Episcopalians don’t speak openly about their faith journey, so please bear with me.

Our family came to St. Michael’s 17 years ago. We had visited several Episcopal churches after moving to the Eastside, and St. Michael’s felt comfortable and familiar; best of all, our children were welcomed by the kids here. Never underestimate the power of kids!

I have had many highs and lows over the 17 years since then; I’m guessing many of us can say the same about our faith journey. But I honestly feel that St. Michael’s has been critical in getting me through the lows and helping to celebrate the highs.

I have seen God’s hand at work many times here – in that child who greeted my stubborn daughter the first time she came; in the connection at the Fellowship Retreat that resulted in a 13 year career; in the work party that resulted in an invitation to join the choir; in being part of the Search Committee who called Katherine+ to be our priest; seeing the end of that 13 year career, just when the church needed someone to step in to manage the office.

I remember last year, Melanie Violette spoke about how welcoming St. Michael’s was to her young children. I can share a similar story about how welcoming the parish was to my mother. Leaving her church of 43 years was very hard for her, but she quickly found a home here because of you all. The care and compassion shown to her and my entire family during her illness and after her death was so meaningful; I know God was working through each of you.

I could go on and on, but don’t worry, I won’t! I just want to say that, for me, St. Michael’s is home. No matter where my faith journey may lead, I know I have this amazing community to support me along the way, a place to come home to. I, in turn, promise to support this community, to make it a home for each of you.

Thank you, and welcome home!