Adopt A Planting Bed: Safety Guidelines & Instructions

Posted by on Tue, Apr 20, 2021 in Announcements, News and Events

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Last year, St. Michael’s asked parishioners to volunteer and accept the responsibility to maintain specific planting beds.  With the expansion of the parking lot and many new planting beds added to the landscaping, we were blessed to have 16 of the 20 planting beds adopted by volunteers! These volunteers have graciously agreed to stay on for 2021. However, we have four planting beds that need adopted! This is a great opportunity for individuals and/or families to sign up for one or more areas and work to their schedule.

Each planting area has been designated with a colored box surrounding the area of the property where it is located.  All planting beds within the colored box are included in that area of responsibility. The planting beds designated with a red border are the planting beds needing a volunteer. Should you see a planting bed which interests you, please place your/family name on the included sign-up sheet in the corresponding planting bed number. Questions regarding this program should be addressed to Doug Birrell.

Visit the sign up sheet and choose from the four remaining planting beds. Just type your name next to the planting bed you want to adopt. The above image also appears in the sign up sheet. After you sign up, just click the link to return to this page.

COVID-19 Safety Guidelines

  1. Remain physically distant from those outside your household.
  2. Wear a mask whenever inside the church building or outdoors if working in close proximity to persons outside your household. You do not need to wear a mask when outdoors and more than 15 feet from those outside your household, or if those in close proximity are vaccinated.
  3. Use of church facilities (restrooms, kitchen, etc.) cleaning procedure:
    1. Wash hands immediately upon entering facilities and just prior to leaving.
    2. All surfaces contacted to be wiped down with sanitary wipes located throughout the facility.
  4. Only personally owned tools to be used. No sharing of tools outside of immediate family.

Weeding Instructions

  1. The planting beds including those surrounding the parking lot are on a drip line irrigation system. In most areas the drip lines are buried beneath the surface.  Please, no sharp tools should be used as they will likely damage the drip lines.  It is recommended only small hand tools, such as hand trowels be used for loosening a stubborn root.  The mulch used throughout the planting beds makes for easy hand removal of weeds.
  2. There are yard waste bins located in the trash enclosure. Should they be full, there will be a tarp located behind Bethany House where weeds can be dumped.  If rain is in the forecast please fold the loose end of the tarp over the pile of weeds.
  3. Please sweep up any dirt or debris which makes it way onto the parking lot surface, as this will prevent it from entering the parking lot drainage system.
  4. Recommended list of tools to bring:
    1. Hand trowels
    2. Broom and dust pan
    3. Round or rectangle cloth yard waste container. Should you not have one, there are three round 45 gallon cloth collapsible yard waste containers at the church located in the storage shed.  Contact Doug Birrell or office staff for lock combo.