My Saint Michael’s Story: Joe Hannan

Posted by on Sun, Oct 18, 2020 in Giving

Sit quietly and pray, that is what the Nuns would tell me when I was younger. For most of my life I thought that being spiritual required a person to be sitting in silence and praying. For those of you who know me sitting silently for more than a few seconds – well let’s just say it’s like mixing oil and water.

In my youth I was active in the choir. Several years ago while listening to the choir at the service, I felt drawn to join them. I vividly recall, nervously approaching Jason after the service to ask if it would be possible to join the choir.  Are their tryouts?  I was pleased to learn the choir is open to anyone, there are no prerequisites — well other than the joy of singing.

Easter became my favorite time of year. One year just the men sang during the evening vigil, and, oh what a profound feeling of joy. It was as if I was revisiting my youth. The pandemic took that opportunity from us this year. One choir member suggested some music to listen to while I was working in the yard. It was the perfect mixture for me:

  • I was doing something
  • I was enjoying Music
  • And I was able to empty my mind and pray in my own way.

Obviously, this will not replace the joy and mediative opportunity I get singing with the choir, and I so look forward to the day we are able to safely return. It has provided me a perfect alternative. Mother Katherine shared with me that her niece and their family and do a slow Yoga workout while listening to the Compline service from St. Mark’s Cathedral. I guess there are others like me.

The choir has helped me connect with God in a new way, and, has helped me adapt during these challenging times. I am so grateful to all that St. Michael’s has done for me.

I hope that each of you can find your choir — your way to connect with our church community and with God.