Maundy Thursday Livestream: April 1, 2021

Posted by on Thu, Apr 1, 2021 in Holy Week, Livestream

Maundy Thursday
April 1, 2021 • Livestream

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Serving this night:
  • Onsite Camera: Anita Donahou
  • Parishioners: Joe Donahou, Mike Sedwick
  • Livestream Host: Jason Anderson
  • Celebrant: Katherine Sedwick
  • Musicians: Linda Browning, Steve Browning, Anita Donahou, Barbara Eimer, Joe Hannan, Priscilla Kaufmann, Teresa Lin, Tim MacNary, Joan McLean,Terrie Nixdorff, Kelly Rabin, Mike Sedwick, Dinah Turrin, Melanie Violette **

An archival video recording of the online worship service streamed live via Zoom and Facebook Live. Any words or music under copyright are included with permission under ONE LICENSE No. A-706794.

** All music was recorded asynchronously; at no time were musicians in the same room at the same time.