Women’s Group

The Women’s Group brings together women of all ages for regular fellowship, service to the church and wider community, and worship. We are a recently formed group, seeking to foster deeper connection between women in our parish and to enrich the social and spiritual life of Saint Michael’s more broadly. In addition to meeting once a month as a small group, the Women’s Group is also responsible for hospitality for many of the church’s most important celebrations: Christmas Eve, the annual Messiah Sing & Play Along to benefit Issaquah Community Services, and Easter Day services, to name a few. We support various other activities in and around Saint Michael’s, including packing Lunch for the Break boxes and preparing food for the Youth Group to take with them on their annual summer Mission Trip.  We also work closely with Compassion House, a local organization that helps to give women and their children fleeing domestic abuse, a fresh start. Compassion House maintains three housing units in Issaquah that serve as temporary housing for these families, and the Women’s Group works to ready the houses before a family’s arrival by cleaning, furnishing, updating and decorating.

The Women’s Group is growing and always eager for new members. We have a private Facebook page, and if you would like to be added to our page or email list, or otherwise would like more information, please contact Joan Dandeneau or Stephanie Carlson.