Coronavirus COVID-19 Information & Messages

A Pastoral Message from Katherine+
about church services and other gatherings

Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ,

I write this to you with both sadness and hope. The wardens and I have determined that to keep in line with current health guidelines our Sunday morning worship will be online only via our Facebook Page, beginning this Sunday at 10:30 AM. I certainly welcome your feedback after our first live service. Both our Wednesday evening liturgy and Sunday 8 AM service are suspended at present. This is not because anyone at St. Michael’s is known to have tested positive. This plan will remain in effect until March 31, when we will reevaluate the situation. This also means that all group activities at the church are suspended until that time–but our community of faith is NOT! That’s the ‘hope’ part for us.

Hope lives in us as followers of Christ, and our community will support and strengthen and love each other through this challenging time, including this new way of worshiping together. This also means reaching out with a call or email to those you will miss on Sunday, praying for each other, for all those affected, and for those who care for them. This means continuing your Lenten disciplines and reflecting on the Lenten Meditations, and perhaps talk about them with each other. Can your friends Skype or Zoom a time to do this together? If you are quarantined yourself and need support, please let us know as there are already some people who have offered to help. If you have prayer requests, you may email them to me and we will include them in the Sunday liturgy and on the prayer chain.

Please continue to support St. Michael’s by paying your pledge and making offerings as you normally would, online or by a check mailed to the office. Know that your generosity and faithfulness in this regard is much appreciated and much needed! You might also consider whether you can make a donation to Issaquah Community Services or to the Issaquah Food Bank, as both will have a sharp increase in clients because of this virus.

Difficult as it is to make this decision, we know that this is part of taking care of our community at large to minimize chances of spreading the virus. To help clarify with specifics: The King County Health Officer has issued an order that gatherings of our size need to stay within stringent protocols; older (earlier stated as those over 60) and especially vulnerable individuals are encouraged not to attend, those who do attend would need to keep a six foot distance from each other, and people would need to be screened at the door for symptoms each time, along with our disinfecting surfaces and our hands. We are not certain we could maintain this level of compliance and safety, so this looks like our best plan of action.

Please join us online for worship Sunday morning at 10:30 AM and know that I hold you all in my heart and prayers. 

Yours in Christ,

In summary, all services, gatherings, meetings, and events are canceled at least through March 31, including but not limited to:

  • Sunday 8 AM service—CANCELED
  • Sunday 10:30 AM service—ONLINE ONLY
  • Wednesday 7 PM service—CANCELED
  • Wednesday Lenten Suppers—CANCELED
  • Adult Forum, Godly Play, and Youth Group—CANCELED
  • Last Wives Club, Parish Care Team, and Centering Prayer—CANCELED
  • Taco & Bingo Night—POSTPONED until May 2

Please see the COVID-19 precautions and protocols page on our website for links to additional resources and prayers for those affected.