2022 Giving Campaign

Our blessings often become invitations and blessings to others, even if we don’t see or hear about it or meet them.

Dear St. Michael’s Family,

These are strange times, and we are abundantly blessed! We are beloved children of God, and this year especially we recognize some unexpected gifts of that blessing. Listening to people’s My St. Michael’s Story these recent Sundays, and as I hear from individuals, folks say how blessed and thankful they are for surprising things. One message of gratitude comes regularly from people you may never have met; it is the evangelism we offer through our enormously accessible worship. People who find us meet a faith community that welcomes all and a God who blesses them. Some are responding to the pandemic by seeking what nourishes their soul. Some come in person after an online experience, and for all who come, your warm welcome in these strange times is balm for their souls.

It’s an “evangelism we offer” because it is given by our whole community. You make it possible with a rich myriad of ministries and a powerful level of commitment by many to serve. You make it possible by giving your skills, your time, your dollars, and by your prayers, be these online or in person. (It is yet another gift that God got online so quickly too!) You spread the message with your welcoming presence here, bringing friends, with your Facebook posts, and by sharing ours. We often receive emails saying what a great deal it meant to them to worship with us.

We also hear the gratitude of St. Michael’s on-site partners:

  • Musicians and soloists for our Sing & Play-Along Messiah, already entirely fulfilled and ready!
  • High school students and parents who are so very thankful for a safe, well-lit parking area.
  • The Issaquah Philharmonic who bravely continues on, practicing in small groups for safety.
  • The Issaquah Coop Preschool, now back in person, and delighted to use space in new and creative ways.
  • Tavon Learning Center is so grateful to be here, providing active learning and community that empowers adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities to acquire skills for living better.
  • Our neighborhood families have said what a huge help it is to take a break with youngsters on our playground and in our woods, after a year of being so limited.

Our blessings often become invitations and blessings to others, even if we don’t see or hear about it or meet them.

While we look forward to robustly filling the sanctuary again, we keep faithful to who we are and to exploring new ways of being Christ’s church. Lately I see us take incremental steps towards an ever more lively online faith community and also greater vibrancy and connections in the flesh. For example, our online prayer chain is busier than ever, and you can worship online four times a week. Soon we celebrate a big step in our incarnational celebration here, by inviting people to receive both the bread and the wine if they choose, beginning on All Saints Sunday November 7th, also the day we bless your giving pledges to God’s church. St. Michael’s responds to our many blessings with generosity.

Generosity shapes who we are, no matter what amount means ‘generous giving’ in your life. It changes our relationship with our “stuff”, and so changes our relationship with God, moving our perspective to trusting in God instead of only ourselves, our hard work, our knowledge, and our resources.

In Hebrews we read,

Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the assurance of things not seen. This is what the ancients were commended for. By faith we understand that the universe was formed at God’s command, so that what is seen was not made out of what was visible. (11:1-3)

Our faith may feel ‘unseen’ yet that faith guides us into lives which make Christ seen and known and felt to others. And it must guide us to seek and receive this from each other, remembering that none of us can ‘pour water from an empty bucket.’

Our budgeting is uncertain, but the church is not! We will continue on, working faithfully and creatively within our means. To be part of doing so, please make your pledge readily, and increase your pledge if you can afford to. How St. Michael’s continues serving in all these ways, and more, depends on God’s generosity, our ministries, and your funding.

Please give your pledge thought and prayer. Then fill it out online, or print and bring or mail it in before November 7 when we will bless this ingathering.

Please feel free to contact me or any member of the Vestry if you have questions or need help. We thank you in advance for your commitment to God’s work at St. Michael’s.

May we continue to walk together with Christ.


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