2021 Giving Campaign

You are what God is doing in this place and time. You are St. Michael’s, and like a sunrise, you radiate the light of Christ.

You do it each time we pray, praise, or gather, when you give and when you tend. The circumstances of our world have pushed us into seeking new ways for just about everything we do, and never before have I seen so many embrace an illuminating and creative response to a dilemma. Truly, our faithful creativity is co-creative with God.

We also know the enormous challenges of our times, and the cost of survival weighs heavy on those least able to bear it. It is a heartbreaking reality that the reach of infection and the emotional toll are so great, they favor and spare no one. So we respond from Christ’s example of love. We are uniquely positioned to help even those unknown to us with simple things like masks, handwashing, and distance. We have an awakened appreciation for self-sacrifice by all varieties of essential workers. We have new eyes for understanding racism, fear, protest and protection. Now looking back at all this year has brought and wrought, no congregation in Christendom could ever plan for such a year as this! Yet we all responded. Truly, our faithful creativity is co-creative with God.

We’ve reached out and risked offering more of ourselves to help each other. Initial discomfort with online liturgy has yielded way to surprising joy, humor, tears and community. We’ve recently welcomed Tavon Learning Center’s people to St. Michael’s and, like the Issaquah Co-op Preschool, it is a beautiful fit with our mission to illuminate Christ’s love on the Eastside. Your depth of care and compassion is visible in giving so generously of your many gifts; adopting a garden plot, giving financially, volunteering to drop off groceries, jumping into ministries around new things like our growing tech needs, a Pandemic Newsletter, Buddy Groups, and finding other thoughtful life-giving ways to gather. Truly, our faithful creativity is co-creative with God.

Yes, there is a theme here: Our faithful creativity is co-creative with God! This faithful creativity is how we use the wisdom from our lives and history to be the kingdom of God from St. Michael’s and rippling out far beyond. So we ask you to be both creative and generous in your faithful giving for 2021. We will all need to open our hearts and our wallets (or Paypal or direct deposit!). To do so much so well means supporting our hardworking multitasking staff, our beautiful campus, our programs and partners, and those seeking help.

We will continue to be very careful stewards of our gifts. We do not want anyone to overextend themselves or put themselves in a precarious position, our faith simply asks that we remember all we have is from our Creator, and we give back and help others we are thankful co-creators and faithful disciples.

Please give thanks to God for the blessings in life and for St. Michaels, and then pray as you make your pledge. We ask you to make every effort to do so by All Saints’ Day, November 1, so we can bless them on Sunday, November 8.

In the peace of Christ, 

Joe Hannan, 2021 Vestry Stewardship Lead
The Rev. Katherine Sedwick, Rector

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