2022 Giving Campaign Update

How do we at Saint Michael’s Illuminate Christ’s Love on the Eastside?

The people of Saint Michael’s remain active in the community, supporting our congregation, programs that utilize our facilities, and programs/individuals on the Eastside. Highlights are:

  • Helping members financially, with employment recommendations/references, and technical support,
  • Adapting and expanding our support of the community at large with online worship opportunities allowing for extended families, friends, and even those we don’t know yet to join out virtual community,
  • Leveraging the time and talent of our congregation to reach people in new ways: Virtual gatherings, increased pastoral care, and shepherd groups,
  • Providing rent forgiveness to our Issaquah Coop Preschool partnership during these tough times,
  • Welcoming Tavon Learning Center’s recreation program to our campus, a program that supports adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities when they suddenly found themselves without a place to gather,
  • Welcoming our neighbors and preschool families to use our playground,
  • Offering financial support to Issaquah Community Services (ICS) and to The Garage, a local teen support center, and
  • Keeping current on our diocesan assessment, extending our support to other churches and programs in Western Washington, and national church.

We can all be proud of what we as a church community have done and continue to do to Illuminate Christ’s Love on the Eastside. This could only be done with the tremendous support of each of you. I thank each of you for the gift of your time, talent, and financial support. The vestry strives to be prayerful and faithful stewards of all that you have provided.

I ask that you prayerfully consider how you can continue to support our mission, our purpose, during this pledge drive. You are St. Michael’s, collectively, and with God’s guidance, we are, and will continue to make a difference in on the Eastside. You can pledge directly online here.

We ask you to make every effort to make your pledge by All Saints’ Sunday, November 7, so we can bless them.

2022 Giving Campaign Resources