Visionary Leadership

Because the world around our congregation is changing in unprecedented ways, we are committed to keeping a close connection to the trends that are shaping everyone’s lives. We look to our clergy to preach on topics dear to our everyday hearts. But we also depend on them to offer us sermons to savor which stay with us for hours, days, and even longer, and challenge us to see faith and life in new ways. All preaching at St. Michael’s is intended to touch real lives, and touch off the kind of insights that get us talking to each other.

Our clergy represent only one facet of parish leadership. The many ministries of St. Michael’s are guided by able lay leaders at all levels, whose skill and commitment assure their success. Networks of related ministries are linked into the oversight and support of capable commissions, whose chairs make up the core of the vestry, or governing board, of the congregation. During 2011 all parish leaders collaborated in adapting and sustaining the programs during construction, and then moving into the new building. In 2012 attention and energy returned to the Visioning process that aligns leaders’ insights with documented trends shaping the lives of people in Issaquah and beyond.