Safe Church, Safe Communities & Church Keys

Safe Church, Safe Communities

St. Michael’s takes its responsibility for the safety of our people seriously. In accordance with The Episcopal Church’s Safe Church, Safe Communities program, Universal Training is now offered for certification for Children/Youth and Vulnerable Adults. Universal Safe Church training fosters a culture of safety and inclusion for all people and covers a broad overview of issues of vulnerability, power, and healthy boundaries. Universal Safe Church training is designed to equip all people to live out their Baptismal Covenant.

Details for completing this training can be found in steps 1-7 of the below Church Key Policy. Training must be renewed every three (3) years.

Church Key Policy

As of August 12, 2022, the Diocese of Olympia implemented a new policy requiring that all church key holders:

  • Complete training and pass exams in all required modules of the Safe Church, Safe Communities program
  • Undergo and pass a criminal background check
  • Sign a new key agreement that states the key holder will not share or loan key(s) or grant unsupervised access to others—even “trusted” members

Most of this can be handled online. In person Safe Church training is no longer required, though you may opt to take the in person training if so desired. You may view upcoming in-person training sessions here.

Detailed Instructions for New or Continuing Key Holders

  1. Read the instructions for establishing login credentials with Praesidium Academy.
  2. Login to Praesidium Academy and take only the following nine modules in this order:
    1. Safe Church, Safe Communities – Universal Training: Inclusion
    2. Safe Church, Safe Communities – Universal Training: Healthy Boundaries
    3. Safe Church, Safe Communities – Universal Training: Organizational Rules & Policies
    4. Safe Church, Safe Communities – Universal Training: Introduction and Theological Background
    5. Safe Church, Safe Communities – Specialty Training: Power & Relationships
    6. Safe Church, Safe Communities – Specialty Training: Pastoral Relationships
    7. Safe Church, Safe Communities – Specialty Training: Bullying
    8. Safe Church, Safe Communities – Specialty Training: Abuse and Neglect
    9. Duty to Report: Mandated Reporter
  3. Read and learn the material; take notes. All nine modules takes approx. 2.5-3 hours to complete.
  4. Some material may be disturbing. If this is the case and you cannot complete a module, then we will need to work on alternative arrangements through the bishop’s office. Contact Jason Anderson if that’s the case—you need not explain the circumstances.
  5. Take and pass the quiz at the end of each module.
  6. Submit the required Diocese of Olympia Safe Church form. Select ‘Issaquah, St. Michael\All Angels’ as the Congregation.
  7. Wait up to 14 business days for the emailed certificate from the Diocese of Olympia; forward it to Jason Anderson.
  8. Download and read the Fair Credit Reporting Act Summary of Rights.
  9. Download, read, sign, date and transmit the standalone Disclosure Regarding Consumer Report Authorization to Jason Anderson, either in person, via mail, or via email.
  10. Download, read, sign, date and submit the Acknowledgment and Authorization for Background Check to Jason Anderson, in person or via mail. Include a $45 check payable to Saint Michael’s with the authorization. Do not send this form by email. If the fee is burdensome for you, please let Jason know so alternative arrangements can be made.
  11. Upon receipt of all forms and payment, Jason Anderson will initiate a background check through IntelliCorp.
  12. Assuming successful completion of all training courses and a clear background check, you must then complete a new key agreement in person with a member of the parish staff to obtain keys.
Certifications and background checks are valid for three (3) years,
after which time you must renew.

Keys will only be issued to those who have satisfied all requirements of the new policy—no matter how urgent the need for keys may be.